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Our goal is to minimize packaging while guaranteeing the pristine condition of your items upon arrival. Our packaging is intentionally plastic-free and constructed from eco-conscious materials, including recycled cotton rag paper and recycled cardboard for the box's base. 
In our clothing wrapping process, we've chosen to forgo traditional butter paper and instead employ recycled linen paper. Linen paper stands as a remarkable alternative to conventional tree-based paper. Notably, it's a prime example of tree-free paper, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Moreover, the resulting linen paper boasts a smoother texture than that of cotton-based paper.
The creation of linen paper initiates with an innovative process. Initially, it begins with the remnants of linen shirts and clothing produced in factories, which would otherwise find their way into landfills. Many of these textile factory scraps contain a blend of cotton, fortifying the paper. To ensure a well organised and eco-conscious approach, these fabric remnants are meticulously sorted by color and then finely chopped. This approach not only reduces waste but also yields a sustainable and aesthetically appealing wrapping solution.
We remain dedicated to innovating and uncovering fresh strategies to further diminish our packaging waste, as part of our ongoing sustainability efforts.