Leading the brand is the dynamic duo of Parvi Chadha and Mridul Jacob. Parvi, who inherited her father's legacy of bespoke clothing, ventured into the realm of fashion business management after completing her graduation. Driven by her passion for sustainability and fashion, she harnessed her skills to create a positive impact on the world, culminating in the establishment of House of Parvi in collaboration with Mridul Jacob, an esteemed designer specialising in bespoke menswear and sharing the same ethos.

Mridul Jacob's impressive accolades include winning the esteemed Will's Lifestyle "The Debut" Award (IX Edition - 2013) at the India Fashion Week, in collaboration with the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI). Raised in the United Arab Emirates, Mridul developed an impeccable sense of luxury and finesse’.

Both Parvi and Mridul are graduates of the prestigious Pearl Academy in collaboration with the renowned Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom. Together, they have forged a brand that epitomises their vision of seamlessly blending luxury and sustainability, delivering exceptional fashion with a conscience.

House Of Parvi Parvi Chadha Mridul Jacob Helsinki Fashion Week


House of Parvi aims at bridging luxury fashion with sustainability. To resonate with sustainability, we strive to use only certified raw materials for our products. Our efforts to pursue green fashion stems from the thought, ‘we only have this one blue planet’. How we merge fashion with sustainability is by using:

Certified Organic Fabrics made from Rose Petal Fiber, Lotus Fiber & Aloe-Vera Fiber.
Oeko-Tex Certified Biodegradable Fusible Interlining.
Oeko-Tex certified Cotton Linter Bemberg Lining.
GOTS Certified Organic Labels and Wash Care.
GOTS and Oeko-Tex Certified Inks and dyes.
Artisanal handmade and hand painted clay buttons.
Recycled Cotton Seed Paper hangtags.
Organic Bamboo Hangers crafted by Indian Artisans.
Tree-free up-cycled handmade paper for packaging.
Crafting accessories from production scrap fabrics.