The Complete Guide to Synthetic Fibers in Subnautica: Crafting, Uses, and Tips

Subnautica is a vast and immersive underwater world filled with wonders and dangers. As a survivor of a crashed spaceship, you must explore the depths of the ocean, gather resources, and craft tools and equipment to survive. One essential crafting material in Subnautica is synthetic fibers, which play a crucial role in creating advanced equipment and survival gear.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into everything you need to know about synthetic fibers in Subnautica. From how to obtain them to their various uses and tips for efficient use, this guide will help you master the art of crafting with synthetic fibers. Whether you're a beginner struggling to survive or an experienced player looking to optimize your gameplay, this guide has something for everyone.

What are Synthetic Fibers in Subnautica?

Synthetic fibers are a crucial component in the crafting system of Subnautica, representing a key step in the technological progression of the player. These fibers are used to create advanced equipment that enhances the player's ability to explore the vast and often treacherous underwater world. Crafting synthetic fibers requires a combination of resources, including common materials like creepvine samples and more exotic components like benzene.

How to Obtain Synthetic Fibers

Acquiring synthetic fibers involves a multi-step process that begins with gathering the necessary raw materials. Creepvine samples, which can be harvested from the glowing vines found in the shallower biomes, are a primary ingredient. Additionally, you will need to synthesize benzene, a more complex compound that requires the combination of three blood oil samples in the fabricator. Once you have gathered these materials, you can craft synthetic fibers at a fabricator station aboard your base or in a habitat.

Uses of Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic fibers are a versatile material used in crafting several essential items in Subnautica:

  • High-Capacity O2 Tanks: These tanks significantly increase the amount of time you can spend underwater, allowing for longer dives and more extensive exploration.
  • Reinforced Dive Suits: Providing greater protection against environmental hazards and hostile creatures, the reinforced dive suit is essential for surviving in deeper, more dangerous biomes.
  • Ultra-Glide Fins: These fins increase swim speed, enabling faster traversal of the underwater landscape and more efficient resource gathering.

Alternative Uses of Synthetic Fibers

In addition to their primary uses in crafting equipment, synthetic fibers in Subnautica can also be utilized in more creative ways to enhance gameplay and efficiency.

  • Base Aesthetics: Synthetic fibers can be used as decorative elements in base construction, adding a futuristic and high-tech look to your underwater habitats.
  • Equipment Modification: Advanced players can experiment with modifying existing equipment using synthetic fibers to enhance their performance or add new functionalities.
  • Resource Transportation: Crafting synthetic fiber-based containers or bags could allow for more efficient transportation of resources, especially in the early stages of the game when inventory space is limited.
  • Environmental Modifications: Synthetic fibers could be used in the construction of devices that modify the underwater environment, such as creating artificial reefs or clearing debris.
  • Crafting Advanced Tools: Players can experiment with using synthetic fibers to craft specialized tools for specific tasks, such as underwater construction or resource extraction.

Tips for Efficient Use of Synthetic Fibers

  • Prioritize crafting high-capacity O2 tanks early in the game to extend your exploration range and gather more resources from deeper locations.
  • The reinforced dive suit should be crafted before venturing into hazardous biomes to minimise damage taken and increase survivability.
  • Ultra-glide fins are useful for quickly moving between locations and evading aggressive fauna, making them a valuable tool for efficient exploration.

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In Subnautica, synthetic fibers are a crucial component in the crafting system, enabling players to create essential equipment for survival and exploration. By understanding how to obtain and utilize synthetic fibers effectively, players can enhance their ability to navigate the underwater world and uncover its mysteries. Mastering the use of synthetic fibers is key to progressing through the game and surviving its many challenges.


Q1. Where can I find the materials to craft synthetic fibers in Subnautica?

Ans: Creepvine samples can be harvested from the glowing vines found in shallower biomes, while benzene is synthesised from three blood oil samples.

Q2. What are the primary uses of synthetic fibers in Subnautica?

Ans: Synthetic fibers are used to craft high-capacity O2 tanks, reinforced dive suits, and ultra-glide fins, all of which enhance the player's ability to explore and survive underwater.

Q3. Can I use synthetic fibers to craft other items besides equipment?

Ans: No, synthetic fibers are specifically used for crafting equipment related to diving and underwater exploration.

Q4. Are there any alternative methods for obtaining synthetic fibers?

Ans: No, synthetic fibers can only be crafted using the specified materials in the game.

Q5. How important are synthetic fibers for progressing in Subnautica?

Ans: Synthetic fibers are essential for crafting advanced equipment necessary for exploring deeper biomes and surviving in hazardous environments, making them critical for progression in the game.

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